TECH NEWS: Internet abandons computers gradually toward portable devices

Friday, May 31, 2013

Internet abandons computers gradually toward portable devices

 Internet abandons computers gradually toward portable devices
Mary Meeker said, one of the investors in Silicon Valley that today there are 2.4 billion people around the world are connected to the Internet and although the annual growth of this number by about 8%, but only about one-third of the world connected to the network.
Meeker revealed in Speaking at the D11 for some numbers that illustrate the growth of mobile devices, whether Tablet PCs or mobile phones. Where those devices in 2009 involved less than 1% in the traffic on the Internet. Then this rate rose up to 2.4, and the Great Leap was this year where mobile devices contributes 15% of Internet traffic.
And is expected by the end of this year to be a third site visits issued by portable devices.
In spite of this growth is the increasing trend toward the use of mobile devices to access the network, to marketers and advertisers still do not see these devices in a good market to display their ads and target audience.
Statistics indicate that the average length of stay connected to the Internet user from using his mobile phone is 12% of the total time.
Meeker said that if electronic bulletin spread the same growth rate as the time spent by users on the network through their smart phones, it is expected to reap advertising companies 20 billion dollars as total size of the advertising market.
The following are the full presentation given by Meeker in her intervention and explains a lot of statistics and details of the idea.