TECH NEWS: Linked plans are contracting with Omar Hamoui to acquire Maybe service

Monday, May 27, 2013

Linked plans are contracting with Omar Hamoui to acquire Maybe service

Omar Hamoui Linked intends to contract with Omar Hamoui to acquire Maybe serviceHaving acquired Pluse, Linked continues its efforts to more interaction with users, which is currently seeking to contract with a service founded by Omar Hamoui - AdMob by the project owner to sell it to Google Inc. for $ 750 million - it's a service: voting social Maybe.
According to reports, the Company Linked has an agreement called "acqui-hire", which is to bring four engineers, designer and one of the new service, and noted that it is likely that this will be the agreement back to June of last year by Omar Hamoui, who also founded AdMob, for you Google purchased in 2010.
Service new voting aims to help people to make better choices in the manufacture of any decision, for example, if you do not know, "Where I have to spend the weekend?", You can put this issue in front of everyone, and perhaps one or all of your friends will participate thing, they rely on the idea that voting is the best way to propose the right place, Maybe is a unique idea where they are not like traditional through the comments, but it is considering several options, and you Stakhtaron me which one should I do.
He says Hamwi in connection with this transaction, "Although we are not lacking money, but we like working group to Linked, and for this we have a team work within the Linked, and possibly get in the end to firm agreement in order to give both parties the best of his."