TECH NEWS: Google Buzz network completely finished today

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Google Buzz network completely finished today

buzz logo network Google Buzz completely finished today
The network Google Buzz one attempts Google failed to enter the social networks, the company announced suspended since November 2011 from where cancel appearance of the e-Gmail as well as the deployment of new posts them, but today is the last date for its survival on the network and allows Google users to get their publications and other service Google Drive.
Users will receive a file in which a backup copy of their participation on the network where it will be saved in their account on Google Drive, starting from the date of 17 July.
Google had launched Google Network in February 2010 to be similar to the Twitter network in the early success, where she was a social communication tool and a microblogging between Gmail mail users have been incorporated in it.
The Google network data will be stored on Google Drive on two groups: the first will contain private or public publications, and the second will contain the files public and will be able to have a direct link from the movies.
The network Google Buzz allows publishing posts, either to the public or to specific people and can also admire and comment on posts, and can also merge your accounts on Twitter and Flickr or Google Reader feeds on this network.