TECH NEWS: EU checks on iPhone sales

Thursday, May 30, 2013

EU checks on iPhone sales

ihone 5 box EU checks on iPhone sales

EU works on about the audit practices of the sale of the iPhone phone to see if Apple are unfair measures to neutralize the detriment of competitors.
And according to the Financial Times, has not yet opened any anti-monopoly case against the company. But was sent a questionnaire to a number of telecommunications companies European ask whether Apple has imposed restrictions on it such as a minimum of requests phones, or made the request assurances from telecommunications companies that get Apple on the same amount of preference you get hardware companies other smart according to the conditions of sale .
And the questionnaire which sent European authorities ask about whether Apple's technical restrictions are used to determine the possibility of contact over the fourth-generation networks in the iPhone phone.
The newspaper added that there are indications that some of the technical jobs in the Apple devices have been disabled in some European countries. If true, these allegations, it is likely that Apple faces the issue regarding the violation of antitrust law.
The New York Times reported earlier this year that the European telecommunications companies sent the details of their contracts with Apple to European authorities, after complaints from the use of unfair tactics.
The spokesman said the European Commission that the authorities would intervene if there are signs of anti-competitive behavior to the detriment of consumers. As for its part, Apple said that its contracts are fully compatible with European law.