TECH NEWS: Alibaba launches project to speed up cargo in China

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Alibaba launches project to speed up cargo in China

China Smart Logistics Network Alibaba launches project to speed up the shipment of goods in China
Launched a Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba new project through which the company seeks speed up the transfer process and ship the goods purchased over the Internet.
According to the newspaper Sina Tech, Ali Baba and the company in collaboration with a number of industrial partners launched a new project under the name of Chinese smart transport network.
The company announced that the first phase of the investment amounted to $ 16.3 billion, Alibaba is seeking to create a network that can support the transfer of $ 5 billion worth of goods purchased through her shop and within 5-8 years.
Some sources indicated that this project will allow buyers from anywhere in China to get their shipments within one day only.
The company Ali Baba had said last year that the overall sales operations through its e-store exceeds all of my shop Amazon and ebay in terms of annual electronic sales.