TECH NEWS: HTC launches Desire 600 quad-core processor

Monday, May 27, 2013

HTC launches Desire 600 quad-core processor

desre600desire 600 dual sim dark 3v hirgb rendermat 520x410 اتش تي سي تطلق Desire 600 بمعالج رباعي النواة
There is no doubt that the company HTC has lived recently fierce competition and faced many challenges with the emergence of smart phones and characteristic of giant companies such as Samsung and Apple, but despite all this, but they initiated picks up her breath Finally, with the emergence of apparatus which met with admiration of many users HTC One, which exceeded sales of five million units in just two months.
Today, the company announced formally on the phone Desire 600 new with the medium category carrying a design very similar to your HTC One processor with quad-core Snapdragon 200 at 1.2 GHz and screen Super LCD2 resolution 960 × 540 qHD and the size of 4.5 inches in addition to the rear camera 8 mega pixels and 1.6-megapixel front and has two speakers from the front stereo system such as the HTC One.
The device will come with a memory with 8 GB of storage with the possibility of installing MicroSD card and it will be in black and white and is expected to reach to the Middle East with the introduction of next June, God willing.