TECH NEWS: Apple App Store exceed 50 billion download

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Apple App Store exceed 50 billion download

50 billion app store download متجر تطبيقات آبل يتجاوز 50 مليار تحميل
Reached upward to count the number of times the load applications in Apple's App Store to download 50 billion, and the habit of the company when the standard figures will be awarded 10 thousand dollars on a card format for the lucky person who was loading 50 billion of its share.
The fifty people of this record after each of them will receive a $ 500 card to buy from the store.
Apple had announced attainable number of times Download 40 billion in January earlier this year, which means that to achieve 10 billion download in less than four months, an average of more than 78 million times Download daily witnessed Store.
The pace went loading the same momentum, it is expected that the number of downloads to 70 billion by the end of this year and is therefore Store has added 30 billion download only time this year.
The company Google revealed within the Developers Conference from reaching the number of downloads from her store to 48 billion times the rate of 2.5 billion application is loaded each month.