TECH NEWS: Gmail gets a quick interaction button with messages

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gmail gets a quick interaction button with messages

RSVPScreenshot large جي مايل يحصل على زر التفاعل السريع مع الرسائل
Added a new Google button on LG-mail Mile rapid reaction and interact with the events without the need to open any message or leaving your inbox.
And the new button is designed to help users to deal with the messages they receive from a particular type, respond to and interact with them without opening the message effectively, and currently supports the feature to respond to calls occasions, review submissions, reply with a single click on tasks such as confirmation messages e-mail and links that require the user perform a certain action.
Google has also added flights on the cards Gmail mail, so that when you open a confirmation message date of the trip, it will be all important information relating to the trip directly at the top of the page.
The company says that the new feature will allow the identification of flight status if they are on time or got a certain delay, and also give an option logon check-in if you have not certainly before your departure.
Google invited developers to create your own Ahdathm for Gmail mail so that interact with the new button in a totally new way through just one click, and will arrive this feature to all users gradually in the coming weeks.