TECH NEWS: Galaxy S 4 copy the android the net

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Galaxy S 4 copy the android the net

google gs4 6 verge super wide جالاكسي اس 4 بنسخة الأندرويد الصافية
Google unveiled a customized version of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 carries crude Android version offered by Google, which makes the device the first phone holds this version of the outside the chain Nexus.
And the phone will be open on various telecommunications networks and comes with 16 GB storage memory and supports a fourth-generation networks currently U.S. and its price of $ 649 and is available starting from next June 26 in the Google Play store on the Internet.
It is known that Google provide a copy Android form crude to various companies smart phone industry to take place in turn amendments to it as an open source system and then submit the revised version on its organs, and in this form will be available device Galaxy S 4 in two forms, one interface touchwiz known for Samsung and other interface Android net-known series of Galaxy Nexus devices.