TECH NEWS: Google launches Android Studio for Android developers

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Google launches Android Studio for Android developers

androidstudio4 verge super wide قوقل تطلق Android Studio لمطوري الأندرويد
Google announced in Developers Conference, which held its first meeting today about a new environment for the development of Android applications under the name Android Studio.
Google did not reveal all the modifications and improvements, but provided some clarifications about the new tools offered to make the appropriate applications for viewing on different screen devices such as tablet computers phones and with absolute ease.
And allow the environment or the new platform for developers to preview and interfaces applicable to different screens in real-time and during the process of programming and very easily, and this will reflect positively on the developers to facilitate compatibility and display applications on different measurements of screens ranging from 3.2 inches to computers tablet 10.1 inches.
And Google is working to support multi-lingual applications so that the application can preview many different languages ​​allows the developer to make the necessary changes during the development process.
The initial version is available for download now on this link