TECH NEWS: Google announces unified platform chat Hangouts

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Google announces unified platform chat Hangouts

Hangouts قوقل تعلن عن منصة الدردشة الموحدة Hangouts
Google unveiled a communication platform, unified chat and that its Hangouts characteristic and will work on multiple platforms and operating system is different Android or desktop version and the iOS system.
And will be resolved this platform replace several services continue and chat different use Google in their products so that they are integrated all in a single platform, it is henceforth will cut Google service Google Talk, which was integrated with the mail Gmail, as well as service Messenger Google Plus on the network status and also chat video conferencing on the same network.
And stored the podium all the previous talks so that they can come back to it and see the messages and images as well as mutual dates for video chats.
And any user can within the conversation to know any of the other people had left or joined to the neighborhood and in real time, and can make a video call mass up to 10 people at the same time.
And important new features is the ability to send messages to people without being online now so that they appear when they and their entry into the service to inform them.
And note the concentration Google too much on sync services, you can also start the conversation from the device, and then move to another device and follow-up from the same point without any interruptions, as will notices on all devices and if you have familiarized themselves from the device, it will not receive on your other also means even synchronize notices.
And can download the new chat application on the Android system and Google Chrome browser and the iOS system , and thus Google will put an end the series of rumors possession application whatsapp.
Hangouts 1 قوقل تعلن عن منصة الدردشة الموحدة HangoutsHangouts 2 قوقل تعلن عن منصة الدردشة الموحدة Hangouts