TECH NEWS: Google Penguin, is a fatal disease that affects sites?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Google Penguin, is a fatal disease that affects sites?

There has been some debate in recent times by some professionals the " SEO "in the world, about the possibility of recovery of updates Penguin by Google in earlier, and the reactions indicate that the infected sites will not recover from the updates "Penguin",there will be no recovery of sites and you will not get your ranking back.
Google penguin  300x181 جوجل البطريق، هل هو مرض قاتل يصيب المواقع ؟
It has been almost a year on the launch of the first update of the road, and to Allen Although follow-up of many of the sites hit by this update did not find only a few sites that have recovered almost but this recovery may be indirectly due to the location business, most of the sites that were not branded actual companies tried hard and reached beyond the borders of trying to recover from this update, but unfortunately the majority did not have all the sites did not reach a satisfactory result through such attempts. مايصل of daily reports does not bode existence of any kind of solutions with the follow-up line of visits made ​​to the infected sites note a line going down straight in the number of converted, as if this update draining site visits systematically and straight, and in some experiments carried out in an attempt to recover from the "Penguin , "an infected site was reached more than 1,000 external link properly and is closely linked to the content, but the results were very negative terms, the number of visitors has continued to fall failed attempt, not even 1%.

What does that mean, no one could recover from this algorithm? Google has provided ways to recover from the update? Was algorithm "Penguin" is a deadly disease for infringing sites? Why all this militancy with these sites?

These questions and many others have not been able yet to find answers frank, all we get is glimpses of the upcoming updates and the best ways to keep up. But before about a month from now been reported sites began to improve with the work Conversion optimization is to set goals for your site to achieve through visitors, do not know yet if the set goals for your help to recover from the "Penguin" but the experience of all available methods carefully and warned of possible that on your back with good results and satisfying.
In Tweets to Director of spam in Google's Matt Cutts said that the next update, which holds 2.0 will be in the coming weeks will be the impact of this radical update will affect a large area from the web
Matt 300x102 جوجل البطريق، هل هو مرض قاتل يصيب المواقع ؟

He followed this Tweet died a video explaining the upcoming developments that will arise on the Penguin 2.0, and in the following summary for 10 points summarize what you will see later at the end of the post.

# Penguin:
The next generation of Penguin algorithm (Penguin 2.0), and which is expected to launch in the next few weeks, you will go deeper in the analysis of sites and will have implications for more than the first version of this update. So we expect that we will hear more from the SEO community outcry when the next update is released.
# Ad means:
Earlier this year, Google went behind some Web sites to use advertising as a means to amplify their personal ties. Matt Cutts said Google will soon take a stronger stand against those who use the ad means in violation of the webmaster guidelines of their own.
# Nagging queries:
Next update will be more stringent with the nagging queries, including queries pornography and Matt said that Google aspires to address these inquiries in the near future.
# Return to the origin:
Matt said, "We will go to out to establish connections, to reduce the work of the publishers of the links annoying, and the value of these links will gain from the source."
# Sophisticated analysis of the links:
Matt promised that Google will be a greater understanding and analysis of external site links, and work on this development is still in its infancy, but people will know its importance immediately after its release.
# Piercing sites:
Google has done a lot with piercing sites, and put signs on the search results for sites likely to be infiltrated, and also has warned webmasters hack around. Matt said Google is working to put forward a new feature for better detection of hacked sites in the coming months. Katz also said it plans to improve communication with the site administrator in regards to hack operations.
# Trusted sites:
Google hopes to give webmasters reliable better results in the search operations, for example, if you have high authority in the field of nature or tourism, or the field of SEO will be raised your site in ranking for the other sites which are considered less reliable.
# Review sites affected with Panda:
There are many sites that negatively affected the latest update for Panda Matt said that the next update will sympathize with this update and will review these sites may be re-infected, some of the search results.
# Links on the first page:
In repeated complaints by users on the results displayed on the first page of the Google search engine, some said that there are some searches 4-5 results back to a single site, this matter will be addressed in the next update to provide opportunities appeared to the results of the most diverse and comprehensive and more useful.
# Improve communication with webmasters:
Updates that will include Penguin algorithm give it the ability to send an alert to the owners of detailed locations and more explanations for the problems that are reported in the webmasters tools.
Ultimately, we can say briefly that the interest of the next update is to impose more sanctions on sites that follow the "black Hat SEO" and give opportunities for institutions and sites small that follow the "white Hat SEO" to appear in the first results of the research and the opinion of the profile is good for the owners of creative content on the Internet and will be a good opportunity for them to rise their positions to a greater number of visitors to leave you to follow the video.