TECH NEWS: Yahoo is working on a deal to buy $ billion Templar

Friday, May 17, 2013

Yahoo is working on a deal to buy $ billion Templar

matb Yahoo is working on a deal to buy $ billion Templar
Marissa Mayer intends to acquire up to $ Templar billion dollars
In a deal that will raise the value of  Yahoo and throws up more in social networking sites, Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo said that Yahoo was close to end the deal is estimated at one billion dollars to acquire a Templar.
Details of the talks leaked from the site of Allthingsd,  which ratified Tsribath more than once on Yahoo, this comes at a time when the Templar will get a second financing (Next Round) to raise the capital of the company.
Signatories to avoid talking officially about this deal, but it seems that Marissa Mayer actually very interested in ending this deal and this is known about and had been admitted to the Executive Director of the Templar. Templar now has 107 million blog and this will add more than 15 billion a visit to Yahoo that has this transaction, and certainly will make Yahoo more fun and will give it back to Square stronger.
It is known that Yahoo is now working on phishing emerging companies to acquire it as a blueprint of Marissa Mayer plans to return to the more technical arena, and had offered $ 30 million Maria led to START-up old person does not exceed 17 years in the last deals Yahoo.
The question now is will you accept this amount Templar or she believes it's going better than the other schemes charts Baaho and will continue as its objectives without the intervention and assistance of Yahoo.
It is well known that the Templar now بأوج spread and incursion networks and stats many shows on it and enough distinguish many of the things that makes him No. 1 in the micro-blogging and social, but one billion dollars will you accept the company that will be part of the Army Marissa Mayer to restore the reputation of Yahoo earlier?