TECH NEWS: Prison for four members of the hacker group LulzSec

Friday, May 17, 2013

Prison for four members of the hacker group LulzSec

lulzsec السجن لأربعة أعضاء من جماعة القراصنة LulzSec
Was sentenced to four men linked to a breakout group known as LulzSec by a British court, so Balshan each of them, except for Mustafa Al-Bassam, which is considered a minor at the time, he received a suspended sentence.

LulzSec is a name derived from "LOL" and Security, a splinter group of group Anonymous since May 2011.
Later that month, the six members of which penetrate the database of the World Program X - Factor in the United States, and obtained personal information for more than 250 thousand potential competitor, and published those names later, and passwords, e-mail to hundreds of employees Fox.
They then leaked a text file that contains the details of a database of Sony Corporation, Japan, the end of the same month, they were able penetrate servers PBS.
After all these charges brought against them by the companies breached, some of them will not only serve half the provisions of the sanctions imposed on them, there's Jake Davis - otherwise known as TOPIARY in the group - at the age of 20 years, and received a 24-month Ikdém in prison.
Ryan Ackroyd, or "Kayla" - 26 years - got 30 months, and will not serve them only 15 only, while Mustafa Al-Bassam - and defined as Tflow - was sentenced to 20 months suspended, because he was a minor at the time.
Finally, he got Ryan Cleary - 21 years - 32 months on charges of piracy and possession of images of child abuse!
I think that those provisions will not please Sony or Fox, but the most joy with such breakthroughs are publicly X - Factor certainly!