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Friday, May 17, 2013

Less confidence in their own people more successful - Harvard Business Review

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There are no words in the psychology of business cliche more than those that claim that high self-confidence is an essential factor in professional success. It's time to debunk this myth, the fact says that lack of confidence in your own ability to make you more successful.
After years of research and provide advice about talent, come to the conclusion that self-confidence are useful only when they are at low levels. There is no doubt that the very weak self-confidence does not help: they inhibit the performance of sowing fear and anxiety and stress, which may lead people to give up what they're doing, sooner or later.But what I'm talking about here is a few confidence enough to drive a person to re-evaluate its objectives and make it (a) more realistic (b) and achievable. Is this really necessary? Of course, not all people can to become Kalmdra the executives of Coca-Cola or be the new Steve Jobs.
If you are a few who enjoy the confidence of self-sacrifice, but not too weak, Vfrsk success than if you have great confidence in yourself. This is due to three main reasons:
1) lack of self-confidence make you show attention to negative opinions and make yourself a critic: Many sign the themselves in a trap them favors bold to themselves, tend to listen to the views of the positive and ignore the negative ones. Although this may make them seem confident in themselves in the eyes of others, but they will miss two components indispensable foundations in any field of competitive (such as education, business, sports, performing arts) and two performance , which is 10% and the preparation , which is 90%, and that the greater your awareness weaknesses and Hishachtk getting her willingness unless you submitted it.
It is true that lack of self-confidence may redirect you to a pessimist, but when this solidarity with the ambition pessimism result will be a stunning performance. To be good at anything you doing must be a scathing critic of yourself, and this is almost impossible to achieve when you start what you are doing with high degrees of self-confidence. This find those who achieve exceptional performance passing always low degrees of confidence and self-belief, but they are training hard and practicing until they reach an acceptable level that gives them the ability to compete. There is no doubt never in that success is the best treatment for those who suffer from an internal shake.
2) motivate you lack self-confidence to work harder and prepare well: When you have the strong desire to achieve your goals, will consist have a greater motivation to work hard due to low confidence in your abilities. In fact, low confidence may not be daunting, but if you're not serious about reaching your goals.
Appeal to many people the idea that they are distinct from the others, but they are not convinced of this idea to make them work degree of order to achieve this distinction.Many people want to be Nhafa body, healthy, attractive, successful, but few of these people are willing to do what it takes to get to these things, which means that these things are not very important for them as they think. As the legend says Paul Arden (former chief creative at Saatchi & Saatchi): "I want to mean: if I wanted it enough I'll get it. Get anything mean to take the necessary decisions to reach did not want. " And if you really want what you want, the low confidence will make you work hard to get what you want - due to generate a sense of contradiction between the goal it seeks to achieve and your condition experienced by now. "
3) low self-trust reduces the chance of view others you Kmtkpr or cocky. although we live in a world revere those who revere themselves - Cdonald the Trump and music stars and television - but the consequences of this is indisputable arrogance around him.According to Gallup, more than 60% of employees either do not like or dislike their work, and the reason is to their managers Alnrjsuan. Had managers less تكبرا, Say the number of staff who spend their working hours on Facebook, but rates were increased productivity, and jobs decreased drop-out rates.
Low self-confidence not only reduce the chance that a person becomes arrogant in the eyes of others, but to prevent its transformation into a cocky. In fact, people with low self-confidence tend to recognize their mistakes - instead of blaming others - and rarely attributing the credit for themselves while the others achieved. This may be one of the most important benefits of low self-confidence because it draws attention to the fact that low self-confidence can bring success, not only for individuals, but for businesses and the community as well.
Summary of speech, if you're serious as you want to achieve the goals, trust is low self-esteem is the biggest ally to achieve these goals. They motivate you to persevere, and will help you to overcome what Iqidk, and prevent you from switching to a foolish person, or cocky, or both. It's time to debunk the myth: high self-confidence is not a blessing, and low self-confidence is not a curse, the truth is just the opposite.
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