TECH NEWS: Translated by reference .. First Arab wonderful service for the deaf

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Translated by reference .. First Arab wonderful service for the deaf

السلام عليكم ترجم بالإشارة .. أول خدمة عربية رائعة للصمIt's Hello! I know it will not be understood by the currently only brothers are deaf or who understands sign language, some may find it difficult to learn, but now through the service "translated by reference" from the developer Abdullah Al Asmari, will explore together one of the finest Arabic applications which carries more emotion blended with technology .
Translated by reference are the electronic service based interpretation of the Arabic language into sign language alphabet, was the brother developer Abdullah - Parts of God better on it - doing on the production of this application because it felt that the alphabet fingers are the most important ways to communicate with the deaf, as part an integral part of the process of communication in general, and the overall communication with respect to the words, as well as the names of persons or titles that do not have agreed-upon signals.
مربع البحث 1024x448 ترجم بالإشارة .. أول خدمة عربية رائعة للصمWhen you enter the home page, click on the button "Click here to experience the application," and will pop up a window white petition by a rectangle of translation, from which you can write any (word - phrase - a) you would like to be translated into sign language, and after you finish typing put pressure on the Button "Translate", and immediately you see the sign language for the words above the rectangle translator, it is good that there is translation with audio signals, and they must be remembered that the reference translation read from the right.
The application of the "Translate reference" is a sign of hope and work deserves all the respect and appreciation, especially an Arab, I say it and I feel really proud, while the new application is only available on the internet at the moment, we hope to see it on platforms Apple and Android, but it needs to wings other Arab from Badme feel developers and the humanity of others, to carry them hope again.
A special greeting from the heart to the developer, and to everyone who contributed to and dissemination of all this good project, but my brothers and sisters of the deaf.