TECH NEWS: Yammer network sales growth of 259% in just three months

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Yammer network sales growth of 259% in just three months

signup yammer logo thumb نمو مبيعات شبكة Yammer بنسبة 259% في ثلاثة أشهر فقط
Achieved social network Yammer owned by Microsoft spectacular growth during the fourth quarter amounted to 259% compared to the same quarter of last year.
Microsoft had acquired Yammer last summer deal amounted to $ 1.2 billion after the great success , and Yammer network is a unique combination of Facebook and Twitter and are geared for the business sector primarily to facilitate communication between corporate employees.
The network did not give any details about its sales figures in the fourth quarter, but Microsoft said that there are 312 new customer entered the network during the quarter, and achieved the network in March, the highest rate of communication and interaction between users.
And Yammer network provides services in two forms free and paid, and Microsoft haslowered the prices of its services in November last year by 80% to attract more customers who are hesitant about the price of the service.
And now there's slices Sareeten a network, the first is free and is used by the majority of companies, and the second, which cost $ 3 per user per month, which was previously cost $ 15.