TECH NEWS: Foursquare adds new screening criteria to search results

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Foursquare adds new screening criteria to search results

foursquare filters فورسكوير تضيف معايير فرز جديدة لنتائج البحث
Network Foursquare announced a new feature on the web site a location filters so that the user can make the liquidation process according to several criteria of his choice.
The network allows feature is currently on location and will be added later to the application, and can filter by: special offers, I was not there, friends, Price, now open, Mahfouz. Can choose any of these criteria to filter your search results.
This is the new options to sort the search results a new addition to the user experience, for example, with a standard haven't been You can view the places that you have not visited before, so to experience the visit a new place, and also can display the restaurants that impressed by your friends to visit, and the difference between Monday The first dislikes any of your friends.
Can now access to the exploration section of the Foursquare site and start identifying new places by the new screening criteria.