TECH NEWS: Sony's profits for the first time in five years

Friday, May 10, 2013

Sony's profits for the first time in five years

sony logo 1 1 سوني تحقق أرباحاً لأول مرة منذ خمس سنوات
Sony Corp. returned to the safety and profitability after it published its latest financial results to show return to achieve a net profit of $ 458 million for the full year 2012.
These figures are slightly higher than analysts' expectations, which were around 404 billion dollars, and in all cases, it is better than last year's results as realized losses of $ 5.7 billion.
Operating profit rose to dramatically company to reach $ 2.45 billion, compared to an operating loss of $ 820 million.
Sony returned to profitability again in spite of the low returns from sectors cameras, games and home entertainment devices.
Sony acknowledged the decline in global demand for digital cameras and LCD TVs, as well as a gaming platform PlayStation.
Sony achieved the bulk of its profits through the financial services sector as well as the film industry and production companies owned.
Sony expects to sell 42 million smartphones this year, an increase of nearly 27% from last year's sales, and also expects a marked improvement in sales of digital cameras sector.