TECH NEWS: Average length of stay on Google Plus user is 7 minutes per month

Friday, May 10, 2013

Average length of stay on Google Plus user is 7 minutes per month

marketing google plus 1024x576 متوسط فترة بقاء المستخدم على قوقل بلس هو 7 دقائق شهرياً
Index is the time period in which a user stays on the social network of the most important indicators that show the success of the social network to a large extent, and according to the latest studies, the network Google Plus did not get more than 6 minutes and 47 seconds, on average, from the time of the user during the month.
It seems clear difference significantly compared with Facebook that impair our time and an average of 6 hours and 44 minutes a day, according to Nielsen Foundation numbers for the month of March.
The study calculated direct visits on Google Plus web site on the web, and do not take into account the period of stay through smart phone applications. It also does not consider other services from Google, which has integration with Google Plus, and this is in order to give credibility to the top of the index.
In general Google Plus network achieved 20 million unique visitors in the United States only using Android or iPhone applications, and this figure is high by more than 238% compared to the same period figures from last year. And the number of unique visitors jumped to Google Plus network of the United States in total to 28 million visitors.
By comparison, we find that Facebook achieves 142 million unique visitors per month on the web version of the desktop, and also there are 99 million unique visitors used smart phone applications and mobile version of the Facebook network.
The Twitter network is has 34 million unique visitors per month on the desktop version and 29 million unique visitors of smart phones.