TECH NEWS: The second edition of Flipboard is ready to Android

Friday, May 10, 2013

The second edition of Flipboard is ready to Android

flipboard 2.0 1024x640 النسخة الثانية من Flipboard أصبحت جاهزة على الأندرويد
Became the second version of the famous news reader application Flipboard available on Android devices and the most important new features it offers is the possibility of creating user-specific magazines to put the content that fits his interest and also can share the magazine with others.
The application was launched this important update on iOS version in March, the company announced it has reached half a million users has created magazine in just two weeks, reflecting the huge interest of the users of this important feature prompting the company is now available on Android.
And application users can make available to other users can subscribe to magazines they create, as the magazine can be shared across social networks and e-mail.
Because the system Android a more open, it means that the possibilities of participation has become wider, while the users of iOS can add content to the magazine through the use of application Flipboard only exclusively, but users can Android to add how more diverse content, they can for example add video clips from YouTube, as well as copies of web pages and mobile images from their smart phone and other, and Android users can post their journals via text messaging and network Pinterest in addition to the methods supported on iOS.
Can now download this update from Google Play store