TECH NEWS: Reload radical to apply youtube to Windows Phone

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Reload radical to apply youtube to Windows Phone

y1 تحديث جذري لتطبيق اليوتيوب على ويندوز فونIt was one of the biggest complaints of users of Windows Phone is the low quality and very poor, which was presented by the application of YouTube on their phone, there were other options in the store and Windows Phone, but there is not anything can provide all that can be provided only application licensed officially by Google, Well , won yesterday's YouTube application in a huge renovation makes it a real application at the end.
Microsoft has said recently that she was not able to solve this problem applying youtube because restrictions imposed by Google, but it seems that the two companies had reached some sort of agreement.
y2 تحديث جذري لتطبيق اليوتيوب على ويندوز فونA YouTube for Windows Phone is no longer just a link to YouTube on the phone, with version 3.0, we find application real provides full access to the videos, channels, and allows connect any of those items to the splash screen and Windows Phone, as well as supports log on to the YouTube account for you, which provides you access to clips that you have lifting and video lists.
This is a major update and radical, which received a very welcoming for Windows Phone users, if you are of them, you go from here directly and do the update process.