TECH NEWS: Google adds new features to Hangout chats

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Google adds new features to Hangout chats

Now you can return the watch live broadcasts, This feature is particularly useful if you have Ngeptm for some time about the beginning of broadcasting and you're not ready to wait for the complete recording later, Google says also for those who enjoy watching chats collective organisms, will notice several improvements in the video; thanks to high quality.
Moreover, will Google give each person who chatting group video recording directly immediately upon completion, with the disposal of any problems they appear before, and on the Events page or YouTube, without the need to refresh the page, where it was often missing  minutes The first few.
Hangouts on air has received much attention too since it was launched on Google Plus in 2011, and highlighted what he was doing government officials - in Western countries, of course - chatting with supporters and know their problems, as well as hosting concerts direct, and pay the footage live on YouTube for all to see.