TECH NEWS: Google improves service questionnaires Google Forms

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Google improves service questionnaires Google Forms

The Google Inc. today launched a new and updated service questionnaires own Google Forms this service which provides a very easy way to collect answers and questionnaire opinions on any subject through the addition of questions and several options for answers and get statistics and analyzes illustrated with the possibility of inclusion of any questionnaire on Google Plus and invite friends to answer it without having to leave the page.
The most important thing was when this new update that became a user can insert two other types of questions by selecting the date, time, for example, you can write "How much is the length of time that you spend a day and you are browsing the world of technology topics"
To add any questions you can go to your form "form" through this link and click on the "Add item" and then choose the date or time.