TECH NEWS: Project face to the world and I create opportunities

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Project face to the world and I create opportunities

Creating opportunities thumb وجه مشروعك للعالم وأخلق الفرص
The familiarity and permanent follow-up for years of technology and the Web made me strong opinions and beliefs and logical to me. Everyone observer beliefs and assumptions based on what he sees every day after you open it to the reader of its own conclusions and browse the news and articles, Google acquired the company Fulani and Facebook acquired the company publicity.
The last three years in particular. Was a massive explosion of several Saudi projects on the Web - and the Arab world also in general - and many of them were unique and distinctive in terms of development and design, but as long as there was a simple element raises anger for some projects. When the idea of ​​the project is unique and not a tradition of service or Web application that already exists and find a developer or the founder of this project has been making his project as if there was no users, except in one specific department, not the whole world!
We live untold period of time without a single word, amazing; it facing the Internet, which get us craying that was no English language recognized as a universal language to communicate. When you look at these two instruments in particular, conclude that whatever project you can originality to compete with those projects in the United States those developers and designers languishing in Silicon Valley ... from your room in Saudi Arabia or wherever you are.
In order to compete with the global and the various projects you have to attract users and the media. See for your project that he directed the world and select the English language to be the default language for the project. Through this selection when it is a special project with the participation of the files were developed and designed in the best possible suit was directed to the world using the English language in the beginning, what is the difference between you and a great company that specializes in file shares on the Internet such as Dropbox, «paths Box» for example? There is no difference; You are now considered a real competitor and has been a media marketing for your project you are now well within the options for the user who wants to use a file-sharing services on the Internet.
Learn that it is better project began in English but, you want to establish your next project in Arabic for a specific department dedicated and want to focus them alone? Good; I'm not talking about you here, but I'm talking about does not know and is unaware of this point.
The former may seem ideal speckled is not clear, but the points are as follows: Why create your project are allocated to one small circle while you can put it and specialization for the whole world?
Not necessarily be a competitor - at all - but as soon as your situation and to allocate project to the world you make for yourself opportunities and success stories of Statistics, which took place according to what I remember two years ago, there was a Web developer Arabic taught in the United States and the applicant Mptos from Morocco that has not disappointed I think he developed a simple page function and one which is the neighborhood Live Search for YouTube clips musical. This page has not been completed a week until Google has employed this student and the acquisition of his ultra-simple.
This student was employed before he launches Google search feature feature neighborhood; would not be surprised to learn that he was one of the employees of the development team for this property.
To understand these mechanisms and how the evolution of your next project does not need you to know and understand the culture of this technical center. 's Poor «Hacker News» Hacker News and «Tech Crunch» TechCrunch and some writers technicians from period to period speakers for interfaces or some of the characteristics of the programming language Fulani new news, not a waste of time - as many believe - as much as a culture requires that you experienced as a developer or designed in order to understand why this progress in the technical center.
Twitter now allows you to talk to whoever it was, designers and developers other you can easily and give them wkizz  about your project or engage with them some of the conversations that interest to this medium and this culture being a technical person. This conversation may open door leads you to success and access your project to the highest stages. This culture is a source of inspiration to start your project or development.
You must know that your use of the English language - at least initially - and communicate with this center and engage in this culture makes you did not even dream of opportunities. You and the project developer Doe Doe one as long as the project on the Internet and directed to the whole world, not one specific department.
You must be aware that you, yes you are there, the founder of the next project, O one living in third world countries, the online tool to communicate with the world and English language tool for understanding. What prevents you from being a global success by making your own - who represent you - is directed to the world and not to a specific circle? In this medium is not seen you that you are a Saudi or Indian, Muslim or non-Muslim. Project and quality is what determines your success Strove to create opportunities under the guidance of your project to the world.