TECH NEWS: Leaks confirm Google service for Android games Google Games

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Leaks confirm Google service for Android games Google Games

google play games تسريبات تؤكد خدمة قوقل لألعاب الأندرويد Google Games
Seems that Google is preparing to launch its own service for games on the Android platform similar to Xbox Live, Arcade, iOS, and is expected to reveal Google him at its next three days later.
And appeared leaks published by the site Android Police that there will be charged platform name Google Play Games, and contain this platform refers to functions such as achievements and accomplishments within the game and chat cloud synchronization and a list of the best players and others.
It seems that Google will benefit from its new service to integrate more with the network Google Plus, where you will need to log on to your account to access the service, but you can make restrictions on the notices will receive from the people who play with them, for example, as you will be able post game results achieved easily on Google Plus .
This service does not mean that Google will provide its own games, but will provide a platform for game developers to Istfedo them in their games, for example, cloud sync feature will be very useful so that you can stop playing from your smartphone and then continue on the tablet from the same point at which it stopped.