TECH NEWS: HTC review Blink Feed interface in the Declaration

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

HTC review Blink Feed interface in the Declaration

HTC One BlinkFeed ad HTC تستعرض واجهة  Blink Feed في إعلان
Published HTC new ad showcases interface Blink Feed new like a application news reader like flipboard but flavored HTC own, advertising depicts users of other smart phones because they looking continuously for news and updated content, while only the owner of the HTC device is switched on to display his front all What needs easily.
And here looking  focused upon HTC literally, it appears that other smart phone users as if they were digging in the dirt is also a metaphor for the poor user experience, clean compared to the experience offered by HTC One Blink Feed interface characteristics.
The HTC Corporation has provided interface Blink Feed for the first time with her newest HTC One to serve as a single interface to follow updates and news, as and it works by default, and cooperate HTC with a large number of companies content and news and to provide them with content in a manner fit and displayed via the new interface .