TECH NEWS: Download: Facebook 6.1.1 iOS

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Download: Facebook 6.1.1 iOS

Facebook 6.1.1 for iOS حمَّل: فيس بوك 6.1.1 على iOS
The social networking giant launched the latest version of the Facebook application on iOS, with great features, such as add photos button, button watch, and improve the process of identifying places, as well as the speed of display cases and events.
Facebook 6.1.1 up with a button image viewer, which enables users to save or share photos as well as make it's key to their pages on the social network, has been improved editing sites, especially on mobile iPhone, and finally, update to update cases and events faster predecessors versions (also on the iPhone).
Of course, Facebook has to remove errors and problems and other things that are performance-related, you can learn more about this update from here.
A Facebook iOS is now available for download on the fifth version of the Apple platform phones, including the iPhone (3GS - 4 - 4S - 5), and the iPod Touch (third generation, fourth and fifth, and devices iPad tablet, please downloaded from here .