Wednesday, May 15, 2013

lumia تباطؤ نمو متجر ويندوز فون مع 145 ألف تطبيق فقطMicrosoft has always been active in its attempts to promote community developers to the Windows Phone platform, so they had to bankroll for that, but, it seems that all that has done is seeking eventually seemed to move slow.
As part of the official announcement of the Nokia to 928 Lumia, Microsoft said that there are 145 thousand shop application and Windows Phone, this number may seem acceptable, but quite a bit less than expected on the basis of the rate of growth was talking about expectations.
As of last June, the official number of applications in the store and Windows Phone 100 thousand application, which saw double the impressive during the six months only, however, if this number is accurate, it means that the store has added 45 thousand applied only during the 11 months years, and based on this rate of growth that we saw last June, it was assumed that the number of applications in January this year to 140 thousand application.
Given the progress of who witnessed the platform and Windows Phone 8 in the world, I find it very strange that the store is witnessing such a decline in growth, it seems that Microsoft either to work in earnest for it in silence .. I forgot, it prefers silence in all times.