TECH NEWS: Galaxy S 4 costs $ 237

Friday, May 10, 2013

Galaxy S 4 costs $ 237

samsungs4 exploded feature 640x480 1 جالاكسي اس 4 يكلف 237 دولار

Anatomical study showed the Samsung Galaxy S 4 that the total cost of a piece worth only $ 237.
The study firm IHS own anatomy Galaxy S phone 4 copy 32 GB storage.
And the cost of the device is slightly more expensive than the iPhone 5, which costs $ 205 16 GB version. As the device is slightly more expensive than the Nokia to 900 which costs $ 209 as total prices of spare components.
And the majority of manufacturing companies based smart devices on pieces of its other resource companies, but the Samsung distinction of being made a large number of parts and component parts of organs which allows it to achieve a higher profit margin by reducing the cost of them.
However the device available in tow models of the processor, one manufactured by Qualcomm which cost the company about $ 20 a piece. However, the other provider class processor Exynos 5 Octa eight cores, made by Samsung cost $ 28 a piece.
One other important differences between the two versions of the device, that the American version which operates with a Qualcomm processor with a graphics processor comes making the Japanese company Fujitsu, which costs $ 1.50.
And also that the flash memory storage in the device are made by Samsung, and the cost of the 16 GB version is about $ 28.
And one of the most expensive parts of the device are the display and the touch screen and manufactured by Samsung itself cost $ 75, including a layer of protection Gorilla Glass which are manufactured by the American company Corning.