TECH NEWS: Oonsoaab: Apple is currently testing iOS 7 system

Friday, May 10, 2013

Oonsoaab: Apple is currently testing iOS 7 system

ios7 أونسوايب: أبل تختبر حالياً نظام iOS 7With the approach of Apple developers conference WWDC 2013, the company is currently testing a strong inside, According to her company Oonsoaab - specialized in the field of digital publishing as well as converting sites to HTML5 applications - there is more than that.
Last week, recorded Oonsoaab a significant increase in traffic to their partner comes from devices bearing platform iOS 7, and mentioned in the reports "to ÇÍäÇ a large number of site visits coming from devices iPhone and iPad carrying platform iOS 7, located specifically in each of Cupertino and San Francisco" .
The number of visits from those new platform in San Francisco (18.75%), In Cupertino - where the headquarters is located for Apple - 17.9% of the total of actual visits.
On May 2, the number of visits for up to 23%, and 75% came from all visits on the phones it has across the iPhone, and the remaining quarter is for iPad devices, and of course with the iOS platform 7.
It is expected in the Apple Developers Conference 2013 to be held a press conference about the new features added in the seventh podium phones from Apple, the company will probably launch for developers to test.