TECH NEWS: Google in the Arabian Travel Market: Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates travelers rely on mobile phones and video clips to make travel decisions

Friday, May 10, 2013

Google in the Arabian Travel Market: Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates travelers rely on mobile phones and video clips to make travel decisions

gt جوجل في سوق السفر العربي: مسافرو السعودية والإمارات يعتمدون على الهواتف النقالة ومقاطع الفيديو في اتخاذ قرارات السفرFor the first time participating as an official sponsor of the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) ATM 2013, Google announced the results of a study called "Using Traveler decision-making," conducted by Ipsos to understand the decision-making method for travelers from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
The study revealed that users in both countries for their skill in the use of technology and rely on mobile phones and video clips when making travel decisions, and provided us with in-depth data on consumer behavior of leisure travelers and wealthy businessmen.
According to reports, the Internet is considered the primary source of planning to travel to the trips, 39% of UAE travelers and 38% of travelers Arabia, with a growing number of business travelers to 50% and 48%, respectively.
However, there are clear differences between online activity between the two countries, where Saudi tourists rely on social networks, search engines and sources of information, while the search engines in the United Arab Emirates is the main source, followed by videos and maps on the Internet.
She cited Google also appreciate the great use of smart phones and to improve communication range in the region as a key driver of mobile phone use when planning to travel, and after that the number of participants in the survey last year to 48% of people use their smart phones in activities related to travel, rose to 69% for smartphones or tablet devices.
The passengers Arabia using their mobile phones when it comes to travel, with 50 percent of travelers who rely on the internet, compared to 35% in the UAE, however, notes that the travel and tourism companies with a very small percentage of users who complete the booking via mobile devices , became the currently missing, due to problems with the sites that they Ptcefhaa.
Commenting on these results, said Mary de ducla - the main regional travel industry in Google Middle East -: "Today, especially in the Middle East, connects travelers on the internet constantly, and it is no wonder that mobile devices are part of the exploration and making the decision process" .
She added that "the lack of bookings made via the Internet through smart phones is amazingly, but it represents a tremendous opportunity for the travel industry and improve its presence on the Internet, and take advantage of travelers from the State of Saudi Arabia and the UAE who are growing continuously in use their Kpoapthm digital to take decisions Travel" .
The main wall and anti-stone online for each of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, is cited by half of the respondents, that the sites are not well suited for browsing via mobile phone, thus presenting a bad experience for the user, and also reported 20% of those surveyed said the lack of capacity reservation via mobile an obstacle in front of the entire e-commerce capabilities.
The result was the second major of the report an opportunity for travel companies to develop video content on the web for travelers who are increasingly using the sections in the first two phases of the planning for travel (and are thinking about doing a trip, choose a destination and place).
In Saudi Arabia, 81% of travelers structure Entertainment, and 92% of travelers business, and 87% of travelers wealthy are watching video clips on the Internet, and 85% of them watched videos once at least a week, while 69 ^ whom they see several times a week, with nearly 80% of people use YouTube for it, and he said 68% of the affluent and 75% of business travelers in Saudi Arabia that there are travel-related trademarks were not aware of before.
In addition, it uses 21% of passengers Emirates video clips as a single planning to travel trips, this in conjunction with the locations of the maps on the network, after the video, maps, when making decisions traveling, uses 18% of travelers wealthy airline websites, and 13% sites reviews travel, and 5% for the search engines.