TECH NEWS: YouTube celebrates eight years on launch

Sunday, May 26, 2013

YouTube celebrates eight years on launch

YouTube founder Chad Hurley YouTube celebrates eight years on launch
When YouTube was launched in May 2005, it was not in the mind of its founders to be on form today, the aim is to facilitate the participation of videos between friends and co-founders, and most of you know the story of the establishment of the site before you can buy Google.
Today there are 100 hours of video are filed every minute and this figure rose from the rate recorded last year where it was 72 hours of video raises every minute, and in 2011 the figure was 48 hours, and there are more than one billion people around the world to use YouTube a month in everything, whether they follow the news, entertainment, learning, and others, this means almost half the number of Internet users in the world.
And dissemination of Jawad Karim, one of the founders of YouTube first clip on the site where it appears in the zoo and 20 seconds in length. Almost a year after Google acquired YouTube deal amounted to $ 1.65 billion.

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