TECH NEWS: Galaxy S3 gets some of the advantages of Galaxy S 4

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Galaxy S3 gets some of the advantages of Galaxy S 4

galaxy s3 android 576x1024 Galaxy S3 gets some of the advantages of Galaxy S 4
SamMobile site famous squadron leaks Samsung checksum update to Android version 4.2.2 is expected to reach Galaxy S 3, and it is clear that Samsung plans to add a number of advantages that came with the Galaxy S 4 to the Galaxy S 3.
These include new features in the lock screen effects in addition to the possibility of developing more than one widget, improvements in screen modes, updates in the settings, and the advantages of a new voice control can now control any section of the audio system.
The company Samsung has said it will add some of the advantages of the Galaxy S 4, which does not depend on the specific hardware to the Galaxy S 3, which means you can not add features such as control without touching the Air View or application of smart TV operating remotely via infrared.
And now being the final test for Android version to be launched as an update for the Galaxy S3 in June.
The main improvements, which will be added to the Galaxy S 3, is a new situation for the screen to be adjusted to display images professionally more, as there is a leadership position and alerts that can interact with them directly from the Department of notices.
For experts only those who wish to experience the new version of Android on their devices before the completion of all the tests, they can see the way her inauguration and rum file from this page.