TECH NEWS: Winners and losers of the battle Apple - Samsung

Friday, May 10, 2013

Winners and losers of the battle Apple - Samsung

Apple Samsung الرابحون والخاسرون من معركة آبل   سامسونج
The popular saying goes, "When elephants lose grappling grass" when any battle there must be a number of losers, and at the same time there are points to consider what is happening as an opportunity to take advantage of them. From benefited from lost battles Apple and Samsung judicial long?


Patent owners

Because of the war revolves around patents surely become today owners of those patents from the biggest gainers, if you own a patent relating to the value of smart phones will become times higher than it was before the battle of Apple - Samsung.
As we know that Apple won by virtue of serving to pay it Samsung $ 1.05 billion in damages for violating six patents only, and dividing the simple is the share of each one about $ 175 million, though that not all patent worth this amount, but the owners of patent pools can today lift prices what they have if they wanted to sell it to other companies to take advantage of them.
Because of these patents have become a powerful weapon of war judicial, the companies raced has to book a patent techniques and reach advantages sometimes absurd, such as Zoom feature images by individual two fingers away from each other! Watch. This feature is patented and you can not put it in your computer because you violated the patent, or you'll buy the right to use and pay a fee for each device sells!!. Note that the very small details today may lead to pay huge amounts of money to companies.


Of course Apple of the winners, in addition to the amount that Sttkadah is not a thing in front of the company's value, but it is a way to get a share of the profits of all the companies that use patents owned, and it should be noted that Apple had requested wise twice the amount approved by the compensation for damages caused by Samsung.
And continue Apple application strategy founded by Steve Jobs, where the protection of every possible detail about the phone iPhone patents, and because this company is the leader in the market Valmqddin a lot, so they can ask any company to court because they are sentenced use at least a couple of patents owned by it.


Although they will not get any money from the parties to the conflict, but that Microsoft is waiting so the opportunity to work on their growth and offered more, the company's history of exploiting these opportunities and because this war judiciary would last longer, Microsoft will be the same as having the operating system safe alternative system iOS, which Perhaps what may succeed in persuading some companies for adoption as long as they do not make smart phones under its own brand so far.
And Microsoft has the right to strike at Apple afternoon as long as the latter was much has sued Microsoft operating system on personal computers that duplicate the look and feel Apple operating systems, and is interesting that Microsoft won all the cases brought against it.
Why would Microsoft do? Maybe moving to Samsung and HTC to tell them that the system run Christmikm of judicial battles may be filed by Apple later against you by virtue of you are using Android, the biggest competitor for iOS, led by Apple.


After that I decided Nokia has been in alliance with Microsoft instead with Google to apply Android phones, some considered it a wrong move. But given today to the fact that Android is facing the biggest battles with Apple, this is no justification for Nokia strategic decision and so is he smart decision.
Had Apple won and was able to pull Samsung products from the U.S. market this means for consumers to look at other alternative and here Nokia will be present. Nokia compared between Android and the biggest potential risks when it threatens Apple and therefore decided to enter with Microsoft and Windows Phone to a safer area benefit from the loss of the parties whether iOS or Android, and this point is no doubt smart.


It may seem odd that I put Samsung in the winners of the war also put Apple is also in spite of it - Samsung - paid more than a billion dollars fine, but that this amount is not a thing in front of a fortune company, comes profit form Samsung of this battle in many ways first publicity large it collects and draw attention without paying anything interview means that the apparatus subsequent will receive more attention from consumers means to increase the highest in sales to become the largest smart phones in terms of sales, not only Samsung only here where it persists mock competitors, whether they are old, such as Apple itself or the young, such as RIM, as long as that world attention is directed to you, why not check out some of the gains?



Who thinks that Apple's war with Samsung directed against the only company he is mistaken, Apple seeks war to stop the advance of Android run by Google, which is threatening to Android remains the most common system in the world according to the number of devices sold.
Here should Google should pay more attention during the development of the system of Android and the launch of copying the latest him not to approach more or less than anything found in the system of iOS, even if indirectly, because it certainly will Babylon to raise a lawsuit against the entire system to threaten other companies. Therefore Google should work effort during the development of Android inventing new features unique to him, not the spirit of iOS quotes something.
But it is uncertain what will be the result of a war between Apple and Google because the two companies Americas Athakman in the light of U.S. law, so Apple's operating logic is better for her to fight Android via Samsung because they ultimately Korean company Taathakm the front of American justice is what the Apple donation.

All supporters of Android

Because the war against Android and not only Samsung, which means that all manufacturers of devices running on Android have to worry about the day of its future and its position in the market, because after Nasr Apple certainly the final will be touring again against all supporters of Android, such as HTC and Motorola, Sony and others.
A source of concern these companies will be a result that Apple can prevent the sale of such devices in major markets controlled, imagine if asked Apple to stop selling the best Sony in America simply because it is running Android, which copies everything from iOS and the court sentenced him?.
It will not only standing here, will begin cellular telecommunications companies also searching for alternatives to Android because it is a source of danger it also and thus you will find in front of either the Microsoft alliance - Nokia or RIM Return to BlackBerry devices.
This is a potential nightmare that facing supporters Android and added to compete with Samsung them large, two-stroke on the head hurts, does not it?


Whether it is a small amount for Samsung or large in its abstract form, a billion dollars is not the amount of Hain was possible to use something more benefit Samsung, buy patents, for example!. Samsung on every loss is not only here, but it is an extension of the future continue to seek it because Apple back to the forefront of the world's market share for smartphones.
And facing Samsung today notoriety in the world where he describes fans of Apple as a company copier always do not have the spirit of creativity and innovation, and succeeded case won by Apple of promoting this negative image of the company and focus Apple too much because to ensure the continued emergence of Samsung as the biggest supporter of Android who wants to Apple controls, and may be permanent ridicule Samsung from Apple as a kind of reaction to this picture that silence by Apple.


Although access to one billion dollars, but the road is still long before Apple and cumbersome and too expensive, there are many markets must work to prevent the many Samsung products also. The problem is when you lose some of the issues are forced to apologize publicly and put ads confirm that Thmtha against Samsung is incorrect, as happened in the United Kingdom.
The world loves Apple, this is the image that has worked hard Steve Jobs on the company that connects all the time, but today no one likes to respect of a corporation is involved with a large number of legal issues and lay charges right and left.

Emerging companies

With all this fighting global Patents and rising costs, it has become the way for emerging companies today are more difficult than before because by owning the patent or copyright license to use because they are essential in their products, or by building their patent own and this requires more time and money and effort and then licensed calculated to work accordingly.
With the start of the giants in the field of technical acquisition of all patents that cover every detail, became emerging companies find themselves stuck in this predicament who did not like, they have the idea and the product but do not have the most important thing is the invention in which it operates.
And because the big companies have more money and greater judicial experience it can easily carry fines or engage in legal battles to win patented axis otherwise, and this is what can not be small and emerging companies that do.


When you move the efforts of companies to focus on the wars of the judicial and legal loopholes rather than innovate new products and services, then be sure loser is the consumer. It will pay the cost of those battles, although he does not want, and hardware prices will rise because they demand a premium paid by the manufacturer to the owner of the patent, and that's what for consumer Aaradh also.
As a result of all these reasons, process innovation companies become more cautious than before to ensure that it does not provide any step that may violate a patent protected and thus enter into a new cycle of wars and the courts.
The result will be a slowdown in the pace of product development and technical warned accompanied, in addition to pay costs and higher prices.


It also followed it in such cases there is no winner or loser, absolute, since the introduction of the judiciary to resolve disputes in the private technical end up stopping the process of innovation companies, and also win the company in specific, they sacrifice and lose another area, and may be victory battle what delightful but temporary wait As a result of the war college.