TECH NEWS: What makes Samsung's innovative company?

Friday, May 10, 2013

What makes Samsung's innovative company?

Samsung thumb ما الذي يجعل سامسونج شركة مبتكرة ؟
There is controversy a lasting about that Byzantine Samsung's success is mostly due to the copying and theft, and then accelerate innovation in this transcription to compete with others, and this is no doubt, especially smart phones devices that launched the Galaxy series.
But Samsung company leadership in a large number of technical sectors in particular, is a leader in the sectors of screens and TVs, batteries and processors and design industry, whether in terms of innovation, the company is a good effort in this area, but I know the end user is only a small part .
Looking at the competitors to know the level of innovation they have, see, for example Google and the policy of 20% of the time, which allows the employee to spend on the development of a special product, and has already appeared several strong products from Google and is still holding up.
As Apple is recruiting three teams to work on the development of any project and compete against each other when it reaches any product or project to a critical stage, and know how to give Apple the importance of thinking in design and user experience is undoubtedly better than others by far in this area.

But what Samsung is doing compared with the biggest competitors Americans?

Given the history of rival Samsung can know how to play this company to spin around patents specifically, since the beginnings of innovation in the company and compete with Toshiba in the field of machine washing and drying clothes, Samsung was chasing Toshiba, rather patents obtained by Toshiba, Samsung was looking in every matter how simple ideas about what I got Toshiba patented to request a patent of its own.
Passed Samsung phases of development during the period between the end of the nineties and the beginning of the new millennium, and led this stages Bmneksadtha to the successes Samsung today.
Presented the first phase of the development is a broad concept and about the possibilities of innovation at Samsung, at the end of the nineties the company has expanded strongly to take advantage of scientific expertise and engineers geniuses who emigrated from the Soviet Union after its collapse.
And worked Samsung to establish a close relationship with the Russian Academy of Sciences and there was a framework agreement between the two sides, as there was an agreement with the Korean government to finance small businesses Korean development projects relying on Research of the Russian Academy, and Samsung has been helping the Academy to increase its share of the patents, and increase the number of new inventions.
Under the framework agreement between Samsung and the Russian Academy, she had a right to access to inventions of academic assessment and were therefore this method is relatively cheap to get results inventors Russians, and even today can be for Samsung to pay wages too low to experience Russian between 3 to 5 thousand dollars per month.
This feature is not readily available to U.S. competitors, especially Apple and Google, especially in the post-September 11, where it became difficult to transfer experiences from their habitats around the world to America for sponsorship and resettlement.

TRIZ innovation methodology at Samsung

This theory believes that there are 40 on the way most can solve most of the problems that you experience in your life and creative ways.
Samsung is now working on the display devices and three-dimensional screens in cooperation with the Russian Academy. In 2009, BusinessWeek magazine reported that Samsung relies on its good relations with Russian experts to develop programs and smart phone applications.
The magazine said in its report that the Russian experience helped Samsung to develop processors for image processing operations in smart TVs, digital and redefined special techniques in order to reduce interference and noise ratios in smartphones.
But the other effect of the relationship with the Russian scientists was the introduction of the so-called short TRIZ, an innovative method adopted by Samsung since 2000, but did not reach the American companies before 2005.
And is TRIZ methodology relies on systems to solve problems, and the demand from companies searching in the current contradictions between different technical conditions and the needs of customers and try to imagine the ideal situation that the company should go Bapetkarha him.
The Samsung has succeeded in the application of this methodology was able to provide more than $ 100 million in its first projects adopted by the implementation.
Samsung's operations were based on the methodology of TRIZ innovation known to them for the first time Russians who Antgulw the engineers to work in the laboratories of Samsung in Seoul, the turn of the millennium.
In 2003, Samsung recorded 50 new patent relying on thinking and acting according to the methodology of TRIZ.
In 2004, Samsung and managed only one project to provide more than $ 100 million.
Today is the TRIZ methodology compulsory skill must be displayed by any researcher and expert on Samsung wanted a development in the company.
And Hyo June Kim explains the author of the theory of innovative problem-solving and who works in the Samsung Higher Institute of Technology and has trained more than a thousand engineers working in various Samsung companies during 2004 only.
Explains the logic of innovation in the company, it does not depend on the race between the various teams, as is the case in Apple, also does not depend on to give engineers more time to work on the development of innovation in the company, as is the case in Google.
But the principle of innovation in Samsung experts on the development of the creative elite, and this chart explains the idea, and explains how to use Samsung TRIZ methodology to reach the Super AMOLED screens used in smart phones and other day.
requirements for samsungs creative elite ما الذي يجعل سامسونج شركة مبتكرة ؟
It is interesting to note that the Samsung managers before applying TRIZ were thinking in their company that they must quickly catch other competitors instead of thinking company Kapetkar of the lead market.
Where the spirit of the crisis between managers permanently, if Samsung were not fast enough to catch up with competitors, they can not survive in this situation, this is what was going on in the minds of managers.
But the new methodology came later to make them think of Samsung as a leader of the sector and its industries through the development of innovative products. And became managers tell employees that they should be the leaders of innovators rather than dependency and quickly catch up with competitors.
And TRIZ methodology has become an essential part of the work flow at Samsung.
TRIZ at Samsung1 ما الذي يجعل سامسونج شركة مبتكرة ؟
And train all managers in the Samsung even sub them on the application of the methodology, where they spend 15 days training in addition to a week of practical training on a specific project, and this is what explains Samsung Investment time and space on this methodology to trust the company as a source of innovation.
The Samsung invests heavily in the intellectual capital of any staff and engineers and experts, so they are looking for creators anywhere in the world.
And Samsung innovations directed towards specific competitors and patents obtained or would like to like them, and create a work environment and culture in the company based on innovation through intensive training and the application of TRIZ methodology and the formation of the elite teams of creative work supported by the highest administrative levels.