TECH NEWS: What is the future Alanstgram?

Friday, May 10, 2013

What is the future Alanstgram?

thumb ما هو مستقبل الانستغرام ?
Can not go through the experience of the application and then Grid Anstgram without that نفرد have a large area of ​​analysis, After having talked previously about trip Alanstgram of the idea to a billion dollars, we come today to try to find more about the future of this application and therefore social Anstgram network.
The application Alanstgram easiest way to add great effects to images and share them within your own social network, it combines two important properties within a single application, thus provides you a way click of a button enables you to view footage of your life to the world in a professional manner somewhat.
To return to the ends of the nineties, specifically in 1997 there was a search engine famous then called Lycos Lycos, and this was the engine and one of a large number of engines that have had a major role in organizing the flow of information to the Internet and display those looking them up and the competition was fierce with engines AltaVista and Excite.
Belatedly came Google in 1999 and was the first picture of the people that he will fail for two reasons: The first is that there are a large number of engines for research on the Internet similar to him, and second, it is unclear then how you can turn this project from an Internet site to a business profitably.
But history has proved the contrary, while the rest of the engines came out of the market for the first Google is still dominant as it is no longer just a search engine.
Google invented its profit product is Google ads where percentage of the profit share between the advertiser and the publisher, who is today more than 80% of the company's revenues approx.
This is not alone was the cause of the survival of Google even today, if there was no quality in the presentation of search results for users moved him day after day.
Google worked hard to improve the search algorithms, although it did not provide a relatively new thing, but it has attracted users and outperformed competitors.
According to the story of the search engines and the success of Google because they like what passes where Anstgram, so that the process here is much easier than the complexity of the search engines and archiving, and others.
Ptoukaa Profile that Anstgram began to stage the face of real competition which will determine his fate as happened with Lycos and AltaVista and Excite earlier, Valttbaiq still does not bring any income to Facebook and acted upon from their money and their profits and certainly will not be satisfied that the last case in this way, especially to Facebook itself is not successful after big profits from its users on smartphones, especially if we take into account the proportion of users and the company's profits.
The first competitors who have emerged over the past months are Twitter, Flickr, Twitter introduced filters edit images in a smart move so that it did not establish new social network so but only added technical existing network, as well as Flickr feet filters amendment on the images to re-establish itself instead of a network for the exchange of pictures and comment and admiration, to the network to share photos amended Yahoo which is what you need and in line with its new policy to focus more on mobile phones.
Began Anstgram of the idea and apply to the acquisition of Facebook by a billion-dollar deal thanks only 13 employees. No need to be more of a repeat of a similar experience with the sole distinction of excellence it and investment Anstgram becomes the loser to Facebook.
What should you do Facebook now? Them innovate more creativity and develop more filters amendment and add the advantages of more integration with Facebook to take advantage of a billionth user to have.
The problem is that Facebook rush sometimes and errors become cost is very high, for example when the amended Privacy Policy to apply Alanstgram so that it has the right to act with images of users, got a big fuss and deleting thousands of people and entities their own accounts, hence the importance to examine Facebook well no choice would like to do to Anstgram do not fall in the same mistakes that have occurred in the social network.
The advantage of smart phone applications is in its simplicity and the secret of success of Twitter, for example, it is considered the limit of 140 characters for granted can not be on the company to go out with him, even though it is very possible technically apply it, as well as must do Anstgram as long as the secret of their success lies simply amendment pictures to show professionalism and ease of participation, which do not have to sink the possibilities of application of the amendment because it ultimately is not an amendment to the application images but social network and the primary key here, which must revolve around Facebook efforts of social experience.