Friday, May 10, 2013

ftbf حقائق مثيرة عن حسابات تويتر الوهمية
Represents tweets social many things to different people: You may see some place to learn news of the world, or to commemorate, or even for the convergence of friends, but recently, we found that there are those who see a place for profit bumper, this is a matter of accounts phantom on twitter.
According to an article published by The New York Times, which has been prepared by researchers business tools Andrea Strupa and Carlo de , revealed interesting facts and figures within two months of their search, namely:
  • The number of days it takes this service vendors to create up to 100 thousand new followers placebo, is only five days.
  • Million, is what can be obtained by the owners of fictitious accounts in one week.
  • I arrived estimates that the number of fake accounts on Twitter are 20 million account.
  • 1000 average price of an imaginary observer is $ 18.
  • You can get a 125 re-Tweets a day for a month at the price of $ 150, and for those looking for the least expensive side, there are the five rehearsals for twitter for $ 9 per day.
  • Higher gain can be achieved owners projects phantom accounts ranging from $ 40 to $ 360 million.
  • The true proportion of Twitter users who Antapahm is 40%.

He said چam Prosser - Spokesman Twitter - that the company is doing its part to effectively combat what he described as "sources of fake malicious," has been sued the company responsible for five of the most e-mail unwanted, and the most widely used on Twitter in this service, He stated that the real problem lies fictitious accounts and difficult to distinguish from the real accounts, and said Prosser recognized that, "It is already difficult problem"
Prosser concluded by saying "we still have a variety of automated and manual controls at our disposal, and we will work continuously to combat this fraud and eliminate"
Twitter is a valuable tool already, but how to become more valuable than during the height of doubtful accounts? Regardless of the answer, my advice is to use Twitter wisely, and you can be sure that what has of followers Mgrdan are real people, and in fact, may be all your followers people not real, including myself!