TECH NEWS: Unified platform chat Hangouts will support SMS

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Unified platform chat Hangouts will support SMS

Hangouts unified platform chat Hangouts will support SMS
What was lacking a new chat platform provided by Google yesterday to replace several chat services and is to continue to support SMS, but it seems that Google did not ignore the subject and is being supported soon as confirmed by Dori Storbeck community manager at the company.
In this way, Google will deepen the wounds of communication services immediate such as Alwatsab, and Viper and a strong competitor to them through SMS integration with contacts in talks service Hangouts.
And expected to be available this feature only on the Android platform despite the availability of Hangouts on the iOS platform as well, and the problems in the lock system iOS means can not integrate SMS functionality with applications installed on your iPhone.
The current Hangouts application within the powers of application requires that up to SMS or MMS and read it either on the phone or SIM card confirms support feature soon.