TECH NEWS: Facebook applications and Twitter coming to Google glasses

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Facebook applications and Twitter coming to Google glasses

googleglassapps applications Facebook and Twitter coming to Google glasses
Work is under way to include formal applications for both Facebook and Twitter and others in the Google glasses to become more integrated in terms of applications.
And will allow the Facebook application that captures images of the glasses user directly and share them on social networking, as well as operates a network Twitter that allows the user application access to their account and send and receive tweets.
Will not only Twitter this matter, but you want to provide user experience integrated, where in addition to share photos on the web, you can follow Tweets users who want them and private messages and tweets that mentioned the user name which, of course, can Retweet any Tweets Like as well as placed in the favorite, and all through the application of Twitter on Google glasses.
There are other partners such as the application Evernote save notes and news network CNN and blogging platform Tumblr are working to create their own applications Google Glasses and released later.
In turn, Google said it is working on the preparation of a wide range of tools to help developers create applications for Google glasses.
And currently has a Google application development package Google glasses similar to Android application development package offered to all developers.
Google also announced within sessions Developers Conference that it will support video broadcast service to the glasses, where the company was talking earlier to support short video clips to be displayed on a glass screen in front of the user's eye.