TECH NEWS: Study: password strength indicator helps to choose new passwords and stronger

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Study: password strength indicator helps to choose new passwords and stronger

google password change دراسة: مؤشر قوة كلمات المرور يساعد على اختيار كلمات سر جديدة وأقوىIf you ever watched those annoying message twice the password you while changing some account data on Google or Facebook or any number of other sites, perhaps you may wonder: Do you like these things make people actually seek to choose the strongest passwords? A team of scientists that the counter - index - which reveals the strength of the password can be done, assuming that it works properly.
Researchers from the University of California at Berkeley, and the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, and of course Microsoft is the first of these, they tested the effect of the signal strength indicator password of weakness on the choice of passwords by users, the researchers found the more degrees passwords stronger, it was his concrete impact in helping users to choose stronger passwords were not used in other accounts.
But is also found on some sites which are considered indicators symbols weak passwords strong, as revealed by the study also found that the impact of index scores force passwords to users who create new accounts, less than its impact on those who work to change the password only and he has account in advance.
In the study, the researchers titled "Should password up to 11? They found that indeed if the password of 11 (number - the symbol - character - character top) increases the strength of your password and makes it very difficult, as well as the password though long letters were from one class or two classes became easy to detect by algorithms Counters can devise simple passwords that category.
We improve the selection of passwords us, it is encouraging that if we choose passwords such as Pa $ $ word1 and $ ecretPa $ $ word1 we see words with a high level of difficulty, but what may cause failure protection is the repeated use of passwords is widely , even though they are as tough as what has been said, and this is due to the existence of a list of talking down the hackers for common passwords, which might expect Bahdna under the hands of these, but on the contrary, the word Pass such as lkx8q2pe0, is much stronger than we have mentioned! Because it takes a long time - too - to get to know them or understand them, tried to walk on in this manner in order to create strong passwords, and remember that this is not the room for leniency at all.