TECH NEWS: Firefox 21 is now available for download

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Firefox 21 is now available for download

firefox 21 فايرفوكس 21 متوفر الآن للتحميلOne day before the official launch of his, Firefox 21 now available for download, is compatible with all platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux, just did not reach this new version to the shop Google Play to the present time, and with the date of its official release tomorrow, is supposed that up to Android next to his brothers desktop versions.
There are five features coming with the new version of the browser fiery all aimed at only one thing: To improve performance, the first is the presence of three options for the property of non-tracking, as well as improved performance reports sent by the browser to the company to address the problems later, there are also proposals startup, which also aims to help users improve performance, the fourth feature development perspective images and graphics to achieve the highest speed, and finally social sidebar to connect with friends and family and see the news, regardless of the location of the user on the internet.
Of you who was keen to check out the latest version of Firefox, you can go on this link , but if you who prefer to wait for the official release, you should check it out tomorrow on the Mozilla site , or to update the current version to the new version.