TECH NEWS: Select your goal and Go with Areod site

Friday, May 10, 2013

Select your goal and Go with Areod site

There are three important elements to be present in any project or idea or goal in my opinion, a catalyst, and this is what cares about the idea or project and documentation is a very important process for the development of these projects and a range of advice and opinions provided you share them your own experience and that's what leads to improve the idea and all these things can make you site for Areod, to Areod is an interactive platform to help you define your goals ceiling timetable for implementation as well as share them with the public to express their views and provide some tips and through to comment on your posts short and specific, which seeks through which to document your experience step by step.

In the previous picture example of how to use the Areod, sang the Algerian press seeks to achieve its goal of designing electronic magazine for children have been identified sang certain period of time to achieve this goal, a month or 30 days, as shown in the picture where is calculated by the days and hours and minutes that New Users Register the end of the specified period to achieve your goal in addition to the posts that you can write and share with others about the stages of implementation of the project or goal and as shown in the picture, every blog post you write today is referred to as the length of time set by you in advance.

This is another example of another user, seeks Maher to create his own company for the design and programming of Web sites have been identified to achieve this goal 30 days and as is clear under the name "Last listings" He Maher left codification for the opening of a small office and is now maintained by and explained that he could start working to receive two new projects and seems Maher passionate about some thing has also participated other blog post talking about synthetic air conditioner in his office!!
(We wish success to Maher and sang).
* What you should also point out to him that there is more than one way to identify such as publishing Quote or video documenting what you are doing in order to achieve your goals or photo album:

What caught my attention toward Areod it a suitable place for entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs, whether they technical or non-technical in terms of documenting the experience and share it with others easily and without any complexity especially as the site design is very simple and this is what helps to focus on the content as well as to provide an opportunity for owners expertise in the areas of multi-and other volunteers to guide and assist in achieving the goals of others, I personally did not participate by adding goals or projects that I accomplished, but I will help others and offer some advice, predicted success for this site seems a little difficult as it requires a lot of effort, especially as the site launched Just days before and is still a test version, but if at all I find the idea of ​​the site a great idea and worthy of support.
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