TECH NEWS: Mobily launches BlackBerry phone Q10 and bouquets discounted prices

Friday, May 10, 2013

Mobily launches BlackBerry phone Q10 and bouquets discounted prices

بلاكبيري Q10  موبايلي تطلق هاتف بلاكبيري Q10 بأسعار وباقات مخفضة
Launched Etihad Etisalat "Mobily" BlackBerry phone Q10 upcoming latest smartphones that feature a number of exclusive specifications and possibilities and make the best of it today offered by BlackBerry devices at all.
Provided "Mobily" to its subscribers the opportunity to acquire new phone by direct purchase from all major branches scattered around the Kingdom or via its website, through  a variety of bouquets were taken into account to meet the wishes of customers a prepaid package price of 2699 rials , or postpaid packages through direct support and cash recovered with prices starting from 599 rials as well as the possibility of buying with bouquets Wajid EXTRA and Wajid Plus.
BlackBerry phone reflects the new Q10 advanced stage taking place in the world where the company has been fully developed in terms of design and the operating system and applications, as the new operating system allows subscribe to BlackBerry Messenger service without any monthly subscription for the first time.
And attest services BlackBerry is an increasing demand by subscribers "Mobily" Due to the bouquets diverse and promotions launched by the company from time to time to meet the requirements of its customers, it also initiates always to put all phones BlackBerry new received widespread in the telecommunications market in the Kingdom.
The launch of Mobily for this phone an extension of its partnership deals with BlackBerry, which have pioneered in services and offering BlackBerry phones in the Kingdom during the month of May 2007.