TECH NEWS: Samsung's development of the fifth-generation networks 5g

Monday, May 13, 2013

Samsung's development of the fifth-generation networks 5g

5g smsung سامسونج تطور شبكات الجيل الخامس 5G
Major companies such as Samsung outlines the industry in which, it is now since develops wireless communication technologies and the fifth-generation networks 5G to become ready by 2020 for consumers around the world to be used to transfer dozens Agheigabaitat in the second.
Samsung wants that these new technologies and rapid contact by providing the possibility of transferring data even several dozen Agheigabaitat in the second, which is hundreds of times faster than speeds currently available on the fourth-generation networks 4G LTE.
In this way, the user will be able to download the entire movie by just one second, and also allow the possibility of transferring large files on the Internet at speeds higher than the current.
Samsung says it has found a way to facilitate the very minute waves, which can be prepared as a focal point for the mobile device industry. The company used 64 antenna element to overcome the problem of unwanted forms of spreading those that prevent data from traveling over long distances by the waves.
In the experiment conducted by Samsung at the frequency 28 GHz, the company noted that the data can be transferred more quickly than 1 GB per second and a distance of 2 kilometers. After that, the Samsonh attend the R & D labs have to provide these capabilities of Contact commercially by 2020.
And while still networks fourth generation is not available in many countries of the world, and made available recently in some countries, the arrival of such a speed in the region is expected to take more than 2020, despite the fact that seven years have undergone developments greater than working on Samsung currently.