TECH NEWS: Amazon launches virtual currency Amazon Coins

Monday, May 13, 2013

Amazon launches virtual currency Amazon Coins

amazon coins large أمازون تطلق عملتها الافتراضية Amazon Coins
Amazon launched its virtual currency which its Amazon Coins characteristic to allow users by which to purchase applications from the Amazon App Store for Android system, as well as for the purchase of materials and elements within other applications.
Users will receive a Kindle Fire from the United States of America the opportunity to be the first to deal in Amazon's virtual currency. And each of them will receive 500 units of currency Amazon which is worth $ 5, and anyone can buy Amazon's virtual currency from its own page and worth paying for global currencies.
Amazon offers progressive discounts of up to 10% for those who pay $ 100 to buy Amazon currency through payment in dollars.
And many companies rely on their own virtual currencies for settlement of payments rather than payment in global currencies, and companies such as Facebook and Microsoft have been applied this matter.
Different currency Amazon Virtual for currency Bitcoin that we talked about previously , in terms of that currency Amazon operates only within the platform Amazon to buy products through them, which can not be handled outside the Amazon, but are similar to the Bitcoin in the sense that both currencies virtual no physical entity tangible her and used to exchange payments online.