TECH NEWS: Microsoft attack Chrome browser within scroogled campaign

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Microsoft attack Chrome browser within scroogled campaign

scroogled Microsoft attacking the Chrome browser within scroogled campaign
Microsoft continues its offensive campaign on the Google company and product competition, and today it was the turn of Chrome web browser where he published a video clip Designer inspired an official announcement of the Chrome browser, but Microsoft turned to tell users that Chrome tracks the users benefit them financially.
Microsoft says in its declaration that the Chrome browser keeps track of the user on all platforms, whether it is a tablet computer, smart phone, or a PC, and this is the trace of the user in order to target ads to fit his interests and thus the financial benefit of personal data.
And separating the Microsoft Forms control Chrome users, where it can be known what  he browsing, who to contact, what to look for, what you are watching, the content of your e-mail, the content of your chat, who are your friends, what are the applications that bear, what do you buy from the Internet , what you listen to, and use all this data to get them on the profits.
The spread of browsers statistics  for last year showed the growth of the share of the Chrome browser for up to 18.44%, a browser which has had the highest growth during the year, while Internet Explorer's share dropped to reach 54.53%