TECH NEWS: Kartaj: the first application for the participation of social hitchhiking in Egypt

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kartaj: the first application for the participation of social hitchhiking in Egypt

Kaartaj Kaartaj: the first application for the participation of social hitchhiking in Egypt
In the Western world, there is a resounding success achieved by the ideas and projects post hitchhiking, while in the Arab world, is a matter we have is a new born baby have not heard him before, but I am fully confident that some may not understand everything I said to now, let's go in deep in the command .
An example shows you the idea of ​​the application: If there is an empty seat in the car one of you, and you would like to allow someone else to ride with you in the car, that desire for the vehicle owner will pass it through that application community, and will determine from which place of departure or move, and the person who is the need to ride with you to show the other is a desire in that specific destination frequented by, then if any system that Alrgbtin identical, will tell the parties so when it happened compatibility, to now speak good, but I hear this sound coming from within you: How can we be satisfied in the Arab world in general - and in Egypt in particular - to accept the presence of a stranger riding a car with us? Hey .. I did not finish after the speech.
The idea that we talk above as I mentioned are scattered in the West, with Bearing in mind that there is confidence in others is not a condition known to have, and this is a common phenomenon and deployed there, but in the meeting of Egyptian and Arab, Vaml confidence of major importance, as the culture of the community does not accept it, From this point came idea of ​​applying Kaartaj to the karTag.
kc Kaartaj: the first application for the participation of social hitchhiking in EgyptKartaj is a software application for the participation of cars - has explained just the meaning of "post car" in the example above - was launched to be used by Android phones, has been designed specifically to address the issue of trust and find solutions to them, and because most of the Egyptian people by nature a social loves to interact with others while hitchhiking , can user Kaartaj that involved a car ride with his friends and the masses of people on Facebook, that he could share it with a true friend to be companions along the way,
And also provides application services for many of the educational institutions such as American University and German in Cairo and Heliopolis University and other universities, as well as the City of Science and Technology - Smart Village - which includes a lot of companies and commercial centers huge, as well as shopping malls like City Stars, and provides Kaartaj subscription services in riding cars to and from the densely populated residential areas and densely populated, such as engineers and the city center and other areas.
Believes in team work Kaartaj that everyone has the right to choose the means of transport and reliable at an affordable price, you do not need to say that Kaartaj of the most important objectives of the High Commissioner is to help reduce the levels of environmental pollution and the mitigation of traffic congestion and solve the problem of parking, all of which will be while giving users the opportunity to strengthen relations with old friends and gain new friends.
Thanks and greeting each based on the application, and we see the application in the Arab world as a whole later, the application is coming soon to mobile Apple platform, but for Android users, they do not wait and go to this link .