TECH NEWS: Linux code is the standard for the quality of [programming]

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Linux code is the standard for the quality of [programming]

Some might think that the code used in open source projects will be of quality Alrdih compared cipher in commercial projects, but the results show that the open-source code compete in quality commercial code.
Company Coverity Almtak_khash in the verification of the quality of the code and try it depends on the index (Defect density) in the sense (density of defects) per 1000 line of code has been found that the code open-source projects that have been examined by them achieved 0.69 compared cipher commercial (closed source) which achieved 0.68 .
Which will be delighted lovers of open source is that the Linux kernel is the best in terms of the quality of the code they contain the least amount of defects where I got the 3.8 version of the kernel on 0.59 test density of defects per 1000 line, which is what makes Linux kernel benchmark of quality.
Senior company also found that the percentage of defects increases in open source projects in which more than one million code line, while the opposite happens in commercial projects and with fewer defects greater the size of the code.