TECH NEWS: Google announces new addition save to drive

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Google announces new addition save to drive

جوجل تعلن عن اضافة جديده “Save To Drive”
Google announced today a new addition to the service Google Drive famous that allows you to save your data and files on the Internet and downloaded from anywhere and this additive can be added to any Web site to enable visitors to save any existing files on the site, or freehand on the way and keep them in their own via Google It in use already by many sites like Bigstock , Delta Dental , Fotolia , O'Reilly , Outbox and Zen Payroll and Google notes to add this feature to your site you need to add some codes to the site only and will appear additive such as Google Plus and the company has explained several options and advanced settings for this add-on here .
When you press the button file will be downloaded to the browser and then submit it to a Google account without any intervention from you and here we see that Google shortened step unlike its competitors where he must carry the file to your computer and then raise it again in addition to supporting many types of files via this service .
This kind of ease and convenience for users is not a new thing Google has made available for users of Gmail open most types of files before they are loaded into their computers.